Meetings and Moderation

Phrase, frame, focus on and reach your aims

  • Plan your future
  • Conceive visions
  • Develop strategies
  • Deduce measures
  • Agree upon specific steps and schemes

My business-moderation instructs groups to delevop a mutual strategy, e.g. development of a company's strategy. By offering guidance in groups' dialogues and conciliating with respect communication, together a way of solving the problem can be found and implemented. Being the chairwoman I can focus on timing and therefore assure that work is done with focus and concentrating on the essential. Whilst working together I spot where friction arises and find time and space where one can work on it without bringing the whole team's work to a halt.


The company’s managers get together in order to work out a strategy for how to achieve the aims planned for the year ahead. They want to work out an action plan which is approved by all of the managers. However, within the different departments there are different points of view and preferences e.g. with respect to allocation of resources. Purchasing department and marketing have different ideas which again are very different to both the controller’s and the executive producer’s.

My solution:

In my business-moderation elaborating precise plans is the essential part. Together we develop a strategy and derive suited and targeted steps from this strategy. As an independent and good moderator I first of all listen to the different department’s focus on everyone’s participation because it is very important that even close-lipped colleagues have a say and can add their very valuable contribution. It is important to me to emphasise the joint effort and the mutual process of developing a solution. This solution is meant to lead to the achievement of the mutual aim as opposed to each department making a name for themselves. With everyone and everyone’s ideas being part of the solution, acceptance is higher which is a key component to reaching the company’s aim.