Project- and Management Know How

Planning well is half the battle:

  • Know the project management tools
  • Establish and fulfill a project plan
  • Experience the importance of project work
  • Plan projects

As a coach I support both planning projects and by using my knowledge regarding management and by overseeing projects teams. Due to my position as executive and my experience in organising projects both nationally and abroad I know how important good management is. I convey basics of project and management in my workshops. Working on projects becomes more and more important. In order to have well-functioning project management three variables are important: Time, cost and quality. By using different management tools working of projects can be simplified. Mutual understanding of project work will lead to the project being successful.


Within a company participations in a fair have to be planned, organised and put into action. The manager of the department in charge organises according to her experience and some very established methods. The company, however, expands vastly and the department grows. As those methods are very specific a new, consistent basis has to be established.

My solution:

Harmonise and update everyone’s starting point by dint of a two-day seminar “Basics of Project Management”. I work with the staff so that at the end there is a foundation and they have an understanding about which project management tools can help them in their tasks. By means of those tools they are able to professionally plan and organise in a perfectly comprehensible way. As a result they are able to meet the management’s increased requirements with aplomb. The department’s head is very happy with the method according to her feedback and is glad to hear that there are alternatives which lead to a uniform understanding within the team. Full of vim and vigour she adds her check lists to the project management tools and has the impression that her work in the grown department is even more homogenous and easier.