Keynote speech about ‘Coaching international project teams’

“When in Rome do as the Romans do” – Work successfully with different cultures

  • Get to know other cultures, understand and value them; it helps you to work together effectively
  • How to interpret different behaviour patterns and gestures from other nation; it helps you to optimise your cooperation
  • Dos and Don’ts for your international business life for a competent contact with your business partners

“Teamspirit” –  How your team becomes second to none

  • How to recognise individual strengths of each team member and how to use them puposefully to enhance your business success
  • How to distribute tasks well within a team taking into account different talents, how to develop common “rules of the game” and how that will help you to work target-orientated
  • Develop sustainable measures with the coach to make sure that your team is successful in the long run

“Communication is the key” – How to be clear and authentic as an executive manager

  • Recognise your effect as an executive manager and discover your whole potential for leadership
  • How to enunciate, focus and reach your goals
  • How to communicate clearly with your staff, colleagues and boss in order to work reliably and constructively while motivating others