Team coaching

So that teams can work even more successfully

  • form teams
  • Achieve the team's target
  • Divide up work
  • Easen communication

The lion share of work is done by teams these days. Old, rigid hierarchies have to give way to flexible structures. In companies being able to work in a team is taken for granted. The team is meant to achieve targets and get work done. The better a team works together the more efficiently work can be done. In order for the team to be successful a lot has to be organised. Team coaching supports teams so that they can organise cooperation in such a way that things work without any disruptions.

By improving communication, motivation and cooperation one can optimise teamwork. How does that work? Coaches encourage individualty, spot strengths and weaknesses of each team member and help to overcome those weaknesses so that components of the work to be done can be placed efficiently. The aim is always to enhance the ability of the team - namely to reflect and decide for itself - so that a team can work independently and purposively.


In a company there is a lack of both orders and customers. As a result, the company works loss-making. A first analysis shows that because of illness, bad organization and fluctuation customers that used to be contented had suddenly different contact people in the company and after a while did not place further orders.

My solution:

During the first meetings I analyse the initial situation. Due to the fluctuations there is little coherence and a certain level of uncertainty. The second step then is a talk with the client where I present suggestions concerning the procedure and discuss further steps. In this particular case smooth and confident cooperation is needed so that the customers’ contentment increases which again will increase turnover. Clear structures are very important in organisations. When those are missing it has to be the aim to develop well-functioning organisational structures. When talking to the employees it becomes clear that there are some unsettled misapprehensions. Obvious consequence: lack of confidence. The customers however feel that their consulting service is not very professional as different statements lead to different responsibilities. Now some intuition is needed: in team coaching meetings tasks are assigned clearly as well as both overlaps and substitutions – a clear organisational structure. Result: the tension in the team disappears. The team is perceived as a whole by the customers. Customers order again, orders increase and as a result turnover increases as well.